Timothy P. Cahill


Time, thought and the expression of memory are thematic in the medium manipulations I use in my work. I use film, video, painting, drawing, and photography in my process often working back and forth from one medium to another and letting the different mediums effect and change the conscious and unconscious intentions of the work. Each medium has its own immediacy, space, and process that taxes the subconscious and constrains the physical creation of the works. These mental, physical, and textual parameters are used in the work to explore those themes that are central in my own psyche: self, marriage, mother, father, work, and the other. Primal themes but always elusive. Themes that are the physiological medium for the subconscious but connected to the historical through their contextualization in popular thought, as is each of the mediums chosen, which has its own expectations and a history that delineates the inception of the works and portends to the character of the final expression. This shifting from one medium of expression to another creates an ambiguity of authenticity, flickering between immediacy and past, self and other, expectation and reality, object and thought.