August, 2011, The White Gallery, Salisbury, Ct


Expired Option, 44" x 72", oil, charcoal, ink on paper



Another Card Down, 24" x 36", oil, charcoal, ink on paper



Clearly not an Issue, 24" x 36", oil, charcoal, shellac, ink on paper



Comfort in Clutter, 52" x 72", oil, ink, charcoal, lead on paper



Fossil Bones Found, 51" x 68", oil, inl, charcoal on paper



Dwelling With, 24" x 36", oil, charcoal on paper



Nothing Doing, 52" x 54", oil, ink, gauche, ink, charcoal on paper



Holding Tight, 18" x 24" ink, oil on paper



Growl, 24" x 36", oil and ink on paper



Stop Motion, 42" x 54", oil, charcoal, chalk on paper



Three Alone, 24" x 36", oil and charcoal on paper



Reluctant Summer, 40" x 30", oil and charcoal on photograph




My Dilemma, 36" x 20", oil, ink, charcoal, chalk, gauche on paper



Total Amount Due, 52" x 70", oil, charcoal, gauche, photograph on paper